mr. Antoinette van Cappelle - employment lawyer
  • PALA – Post-academic course in employment law Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Member of VAAN – association of Dutch employment-law attorneys
  • Member of VRAA - association of Rotterdam employment-law attorneys
  • Certified (External) Confidential advisor

Attorney specialised in employment law

Antoinette was sworn in as an attorney in 1990. She has specialised in employment law since 1993.

In matters such as dismissal, an occupationally incapacitated employee, a non-competition clause, or a dispute about employment terms, Antoinette acts in individual or group employment cases for businesses or for their employees. This enables her to be always alert to examining the interests ‘from the other side’.

In addition, Antoinette handles cases concerning (alleged) professional errors made when providing employment-law services (in which attorneys or occupational health and safety services are held liable).

In addition to her legal practice, Antoinette acted as deputy judge of the Court of Zeeland-West-Brabant for two years. She applies the skills and experience she acquired in this position for the benefit of her clients.

Rotterdam - employment attorney

Focused on solutions

Rolled-up sleeves

Antoinette learned advocacy at Nauta Dutilh, where she worked very happily for over 9 years. In her training period she learned that in Rotterdam shirts are sold with their sleeves rolled up. It is an image that appealed to her.

A sense of urgency

In 1999, after over 9 years as an employed attorney Antoinette established her own business, employing other attorneys. She continued in this way till 2015. Since then Antoinette has worked on a smaller scale in her office at Meent, Rotterdam.
She has several clients in the Port of Rotterdam. Employers and employees. They all value her pragmatic approach to finding solutions to problems. And her sense of urgency. Antoinette’s clients also include other businesses, cultural institutions, occupational health and safety services, and professional liability insurers. In addition to this, Antoinette acts for mid- and higher-level employees in individual dismissal cases.

Steadfast employment-law attorney

Antoinette has both her feet on the ground. With a matter-of-fact approach. A go-getter. In addition to her practice, she has raised three children. This has made Antoinette who she is today – flexible and not easily discouraged if things get too much or too tense. Antoinette knows from her own experience what it is like to work for a boss. She also knows what it is like to employ, and to have to train and supervise other people. This experience serves her well in her practice. She is sensitive to the relationships in business life. And she is not easily brushed aside by over-excited counterparties. Remaining calm and having a good knowledge of the case – these are her weapons that will make a difference.

External Confidential Advisor

Given that it is becoming increasingly important for businesses and institutions to prevent transgressive behaviour and breaches of integrity, Antoinette has followed the course to become a confidential advisor and is now certified as an External Confidential Advisor. She can be engaged as an External Confidential Advisor within businesses that are not her clients. For further information, see under ‘Confidential Advisor’. In addition, Antoinette can use the knowledge acquired through this training for the benefit of her own clients.


Employment law specialist mr Antoinette van Cappelle


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