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We specialise in employment law and termination of employment, as well as entrepreneurs law.

Do you wish to terminate an employee’s employment contract? Is your employee occupationally disabled and are you discussing re-integration? Is your employee in breach of a non-competition clause? Or are you bound by a non-competition clause but wish to terminate your employment? Has a client not paid you? Are you liable for loss?

Don’t leave it hanging in the air – timing is everything.

Employment law
Employment law
Entrepreneurs law
Entrepreneurs law
(External) Confidential advisor
Confidential advisor

Employment law

Dismissal - general

Negotiating a suitable severance package for a settlement agreement; bringing the matter to the UWV or the courts.

Dismissal due to poor performance

Helping to compile a file for employer or for employee; helping formulate an improvement strategy.

Dismissal due to disruption in employment relationship

Helping compile a file, and mediation. Negotiating a settlement agreement.

Instant dismissal

Testing the lawfulness of an instant dismissal; compelling reasons, immediate dismissal, suspension.


The drawing up or evaluation of a Social Plan; age distribution principle; duty to redeploy; negotiating a settlement agreement.

Statutory director

Guiding the employer or employee in the different dismissal process for a statutory director; other employment terms; golden parachute; longer notice period.

Employment contract

Lawfulness of employment terms covering non-competition, secondary jobs, trial period or notice period, repayment of education costs, etc.; unilateral amendment term.

Occupationally disabled employee

Wage payment during sick leave, suspension/non-payment of wages in the event of a breach of reintegration obligations; request for an expert opinion or second opinion; instigating and assisting during mediation.

Arbodienst (occupational health and safety service)

Assessment during first and second year of sick leave; liability for wage sanctions by UWV due to inadequate efforts at reintegration by employer.

Non-competition clause

Validity of a non-solicitation/non-competition clause, including where there is a change of position within the organisation.

Transfer of a business

Consequences for employee – automatic transfer to party acquiring the business? Under which employment terms, the old or new?

Works council

The right to advice and give consent; protection of Works Council members from dismissal; staff representation.

Entrepreneurs law

Agency agreement

The agency agreement is defined by law and has a number of significant legal implications.

Distribution agreement

Are you a supplier or distributor and do you want your mutual rights and obligations properly recorded, or are you in dispute over an existing distribution agreement? We have experience in this field.


Is your business in financial difficulties? Or do you have a claim against a business that is facing collapse? We can advise you on the steps you could take.

Debt collection

Has a client not paid your invoice? We will assist you in collecting the debt; preferably without the need for court proceedings, but where necessary we will issue proceedings.

Attachment orders

Attachment orders to protect claims, including garnishee orders (against banks or employer) or against the debtor themself.


Drawing up, evaluating, and litigating on leases, on behalf of lessors or lessees. Commercial and residential leases.

(External) Confidential advisor

Undesirable behaviour

(Sexual) intimidation, bullying, discrimination, aggression and violence; occupational health and safety policy.

Integrity at work

Abuses at work or breach of European regulations – Whistleblowers.

(Mandatory) reporting regulations / Whistleblowers regulations when integrity is breached.

Drawing up reporting procedure; assisting the complainant or company facing a complaint.

Assisting employee with a complaint or report

Offering initial assistance, coaching in the search for a solution.

Drawing up an internal code of conduct

Internal agreements about behaviour and complaints scheme.

Advising the board

Prevention/reduction of sick leave resulting from undesirable behaviour through the use of a confidential advisor.

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