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mr. Jan Willem IJsseldijk - advocaat arbeidsrecht en ondernemersrecht
  • Member of VRAA (association of Rotterdam employment-law attorneys)
  • Member of VvA (employment-law association)
  • Member of Netherlands Bar Council (Netherlands Bar, Rotterdam)
  • Member of RRA (Rotterdam Running Ambassadors)

Attorney specialised in entrepreneurs law and employment law

With almost 30 years of advising and litigating as an attorney in Rotterdam, Jan Willem has seen and experienced a lot. He also has experience in supervisory and advisory positions in the commercial world and for institutions.

On matters such as terminating an agency agreement, a dispute about a lease of commercial premises, a collective dismissal as a result of termination of part of a business, an individual employment conflict, or a difference of opinion with a participation body within a business, Jan Willem will usually have come across it before and found a solution. For litigation, the imposition of attachment orders, or a second opinion, Jan Willem is the right person to ask.

Jan Willem is approachable and gives honest, practical and feasible advice. His goal is always to achieve the best result for the least amount of costs.

Rotterdam - employment attorney

The right person to have on your side

Actively involved, or keeping an eye on things in the background

Jan Willem is the ideal person to have on your side when you have any business-law issue or dispute.

Jan Willem has almost 30 years’ experience in assisting business and private clients in legal disputes. Often that is an active role in proceedings before the district or appeal courts, if no amicable settlement has been possible. But sometimes he has a less visible presence, in the background, by keeping an eye on things, advising and prompting. In either case the goal is the same: to reach a settlement as quickly as possible and to keep costs as low as possible, since litigation is costly and time-consuming and should be avoided as much as possible.

Acting at national and international level

Jan Willem acts for national and international clients. Clients that are based in Europe, the USA, or elsewhere and have a branch in the Netherlands but insufficient knowledge of Dutch employment law or have unintentionally become involved in some other legal dispute here. Jan Willem assists these clients with advice and action. His Dutch clients are based throughout the country, from the Port of Rotterdam – of course – to Groningen in the north and Limburg in the south. The days when distance played a large role in the client’s choice of lawyer are now far behind.

Track record

Jan Willem has experience in fields including:

  • Individual employment-law disputes between employers and employees on matters such as dismissal, occupational disability, non-competition clauses, and participation law;
  • Advising and litigating in the field of collective dismissals and the partial or full closure of businesses;
  • Advising and litigating in the field of distribution and agency agreements. This mostly concerns the termination of such agreements, the relevant notice period, and any obligation to compensate;
  • Advising and litigating on matters involving the non-compliance with terms agreed on various issues, and the collection of debts.

Social engagement

Jan Willem has a wide range of social interests and an active social life, which has become entwined with his profession as an attorney. He is a member of the Rotary Club, runs marathons, has been active as an amateur pilot, is a member of various clubs and associations in which he plays an active role as secretary or treasury committee member, or is a member of an advisory body. In March 2023 Jan Willem also joined the Council of the Netherlands Bar for the district of Rotterdam and he is in the process of being certified as an external confidential advisor.


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